for the journey, not the message

The end of a year

2011 has flashed by, and Brighton is looking stunning as ever.

5 responses

  1. Wow! The photo of the gazebo is absolutely stunning! 🙂

    30.December.2011 at 3.47am

    • thank you, the bandstand was built in 1884, and was rejuvenated in 2009. I walk along the beach from my apartment to here a fair bit when i’m in Brighton.

      30.December.2011 at 3.51am

  2. I remember that bandstand when we visited Brighton, that was many years ago already, perhaps I should go back. 🙂

    10.January.2012 at 7.24pm

    • Brighton is always great, keep going and going

      10.January.2012 at 9.44pm

  3. great photos

    15.January.2012 at 2.27pm

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