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Pigeon at Embankment

Here’s a photo I took a few weeks ago at just round the corner from Embankment tube station in London, Pigeons are normally regarded as rats of the sky, I think this photo shows that they can be just as graceful as another bird.

20 responses

  1. what a great photo!

    3.January.2012 at 7.25pm

  2. thank you, glad you like it.

    3.January.2012 at 7.33pm

  3. Ólafía

    Nice one !

    3.January.2012 at 7.38pm

  4. Perfect timing – I love how the bird is in focus, while its wings have a bit of motion. Great job!

    3.January.2012 at 8.19pm

  5. actually this is a Seagull, turns out pigeons are still rats of the sky!

    4.January.2012 at 12.14am

  6. Reblogged this on dou dou birds and commented:
    Beautiful shot!

    4.January.2012 at 3.08pm

  7. Captured at the right moment 🙂 Even tho I don’t like pigeons, this is a wonderful photo 🙂

    10.January.2012 at 6.50pm

  8. How lovely!

    11.January.2012 at 1.31am

  9. Nice shot – Black headed Gull in winter plumage. Sometimes they outnumber the Pigeons 🙂

    11.January.2012 at 12.29pm

    • thanks for the identification! Not sure why i mistook this for a pigeon initially!

      11.January.2012 at 12.37pm

  10. Nice timing! Great shot!

    11.January.2012 at 12.51pm

    • thanks, it was a bit of luck with timing getting this one!

      12.January.2012 at 4.21am

  11. Amazing photos – what camera do you use? Also do you edit your photos at all??
    You are very talented!

    12.January.2012 at 4.36pm

    • thanks, I use a Canon 550D with different lenses, my favourite being a little 50mm f/1.8, but most of the photos on my blog are taken with the 18-55mm Kit Lens from my old 450D. Currently I’m learning how to use a 10-20mm Sigma lens which is proving to be a very different kind of photography than when I use my standard or telephoto lenses, so I probably won’t post many pictures I’ve taken recently on here, but hopefully i’ll have a few good ones soon. I do edit some of my photos with Aperture, I don’t believe that with photography in this digital age, and with the ever prevalent use of digital cameras that a photo should necessarily be finished at the moment when I press the shutter release. I think photography is about the creation and making of images rather than the taking of them, and Aperture is a great way to organise and create a vast photo collection.

      12.January.2012 at 4.59pm

  12. Flossy

    Your work. is astounding. Seriously. Glad you dropped by my blog so I could make my way to yours!

    14.January.2012 at 1.29pm

  13. Love this!!!!

    17.January.2012 at 11.55am

  14. A pigeon shat on me in the Czech Republic. A pigeon shat on my girlfriend in London. I think that, regardless of their aesthetic beauty, their constant sh*tting on people makes them enemies for life of a lot of people. If the beautiful Heidi Klum threw her feces at me while I was visiting Berlin, I wouldn’t like her either. (well…maybe I would still adore Heidi…but any mere mortal would earn my lifelong enmity)

    You said “I don’t believe that…a photo should necessarily be finished at the moment when I press the shutter release.” This isn’t new with digital photography — Ansel Adams said the same thing. Professionals that developed their own film and made their own prints did the same type of things we do now (except their options were more limited, and they had a higher risk of cancer). Amateurs in the film era had to rely on labs to process and print their film; digital photography has given us all the same options that professionals always had, I think.

    19.January.2012 at 9.27am

    • I seem to be some kind of target for birds, I’ve been hit at least five times by bird shit, but apparently its lucky, so can’t be too angry, maybe its because I’m 195cm.

      Well in that case, I think we can safely say that photoshop, and other photo editing photos, are a step towards a cure for cancer, and therefore save lives.

      20.January.2012 at 4.51am

  15. beautiful work!!!

    10.February.2012 at 10.02am

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