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I visited India for a couple of months at the start of summer 2011, I hadn’t a clue what to expect ,but it exceeded my thoughts in every way. They say Incredible India! and it really is, may that be good or bad. I flew to Chennai (Madras) and travelled through the centre up to New Delhi and onto the the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh, then retreated down through the deserts of  Punjab and Rajasthan, further south I hit the bustling city of Mumbai (Bombay) and down to the beaches and jungle of Goa, Just inland from Goa hides Hampi, a gathering of temples many thousands of years old. I then went back to Mumbai and caught the train for half a week to Darjeeling up in the mountain on the north east province of Assam, then down to Kolkata and onto the next leg of my journey.

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  1. I think the one with the elephant is my favourite one. Looking forward to your upcoming Posts :-).

    5.January.2012 at 8.46pm

    • thanks, its a Cow, unfortunately didn’t see any elephants in India, maybe they were all hiding!

      5.January.2012 at 9.22pm

  2. Just returned from a visit to south India.. the photos are amazing 🙂

    10.January.2012 at 5.45pm

    • thank you, i didn’t go to much of the south of India as i mostly spent my time in the Himalayas and Rajasthan, but i will go back one day.

      10.January.2012 at 6.14pm

  3. These are quite superb, you really do have quite the eye for the streets! The man caught in that brilliant golden light especially blew me away…

    10.January.2012 at 6.16pm

    • thanks, its good to know people enjoy my photography. Do you mean the man who is holding onto the stone and is surrounded by darkness? If so that photo was taken in a temple in Hampi, Karnataka and is completely unedited.

      10.January.2012 at 6.23pm

      • Yep, that’s the one I meant. Wow, what incredible natural light…

        10.January.2012 at 6.30pm

        • It was taken inside a dark stone room with a smallish doorway, and the midday (correct time if my memory and EXIF data serve me right) sun was shining on the man. good timing with the light.

          11.January.2012 at 11.32am

  4. Beautiful stuff!

    10.January.2012 at 6.30pm

  5. Amazing photos! Breathtaking! If I ever get the chance to, I want to visit Rajasthan 🙂

    10.January.2012 at 6.47pm

    • you should, Rajasthan is totally different to anywhere else I’ve been, especially in some of the small towns/villages, I remember one night sitting in a house in this tiny village, it must have been around 10pm (pretty dark for somewhere with minimal lighting) but the house had no roof and you could look up and see the night sky, I had stumbled across the house when out trying to get supplies for an Icelandic girl’s birthday who I had met, and stupidly got on the back of a drunken Indian mans motorbike to find an alcohol shop, and he ditched me in the middle of Sawai Madhopur Tiger Reserve where I had seen wild-ish tigers that day, but was luckily taken in by this great family with no roof!

      11.January.2012 at 11.41am

      • I would have been scared to death 😉 Rajasthan must be beautiful, a blogging friend of mine were there for 3 weeks in October, I loved her photos & stories. So far I have been travelling to Tunisia 16 times & one time to Egypt. 🙂

        11.January.2012 at 2.19pm

        • Tunisia 16 times, you must know it pretty well then.

          11.January.2012 at 6.11pm

          • Yes, I think I do 🙂 This year we want to travel to Egypt – Nile Cruise as our Honeymoon 🙂 If you want to see some photos of Tunisia, have a look at my Blog Category –> Tunesien/ Tunesia 🙂

            11.January.2012 at 6.37pm

  6. JJ Mellors

    Beautiful photographs. Now I really want to go back to India!

    10.January.2012 at 8.34pm

    • Ah India is a place which will never get boring!

      11.January.2012 at 11.42am

  7. Love that shot of the Policeman and the Holy Cow 🙂

    11.January.2012 at 12.31pm

    • thank you, I took the photograph of the Policeman from inside a Auto (tuk tuk), the driver was lost and was asking for directions, giving me just enough time to grab my camera. The Holy Cow was taken in Goa while I was walking along the beach one day.

      12.January.2012 at 7.19am

  8. Stunning work William, you have the very unique ability to capture actual life in your photography….and you do so extremely well. When looking at photography it’s easy to be blown away by the subject, the subjects are usually beautiful, but with your work I’m blown away by your skill and technique as well as the subject.

    And happy birthday!

    14.January.2012 at 1.44pm

    • thank you, one of the things I enjoy about my own photos is looking back on them and capturing a moment, I feel like for me my photos can bring me back to a moment beyond just visualising it. I hear, smell and feel the photos, i’m not saying everyone feels like this when they look at my photos, but its good to know people can see the emotion and life behind the photo. And thanks, its good to be 21.

      16.January.2012 at 6.17pm

  9. yeah dude this stuff is great

    14.January.2012 at 1.46pm

  10. These are fantastic. I especially like the one with the guy at the base of the column. Very engaging image. Great light and composition.

    14.January.2012 at 1.59pm

  11. wow dude. humbling, and beautiful.

    17.January.2012 at 4.10am

  12. Nandini

    Great photography. Very interesting subjects. 🙂

    17.January.2012 at 11.59am

  13. Great shots, the elements in them are perfectly balanced. I really like them. 🙂

    20.January.2012 at 9.03pm

    • thank you very much, I tried to include a selection from most of the different aspects of life i saw in India

      22.January.2012 at 8.28pm

  14. Glad to view via your eyes…

    26.January.2012 at 1.12pm

  15. Mari

    WONDERFUL photos, keep up the amazing work! 🙂

    30.January.2012 at 7.50pm

  16. This is a beautiful set. Thank you, you’ve just inspired me to take more pictures…

    4.February.2012 at 10.31am

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