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Vietnamese Festival

In my post ‘Vietnamese Uncle during Peanut Harvest’ i said I was invited to a festival to rid the bad spirits from the village, which was just outside of Hue, Vietnam. Monks were chanting in the village for two solid days, I was lucky enough to be in the village for one of these days. The ritual was mesmerising, the whole village (many of them being members of my friends family) had come out. This is one celebration I doubt I will ever forget.

16 responses

  1. Flossy

    Wowowow. Love these.

    14.January.2012 at 1.26pm

  2. Beautiful!

    14.January.2012 at 3.55pm

  3. Great photos! They are so vibrant, thanks for sharing :-))

    14.January.2012 at 9.25pm

  4. Absolutely beautiful photographs. You’re very talented.

    14.January.2012 at 11.31pm

  5. Wonderful photos – love them!

    15.January.2012 at 11.53am

  6. thank you everyone, I’m glad everyone likes my photos, I loved traveling to the places where I took them. Please do leave comments about which photos you like and why, Then i’ll try and write you a little reply about the photo more specifically. Also if you like my blog, please reblog it, there is a button just above these comments.

    15.January.2012 at 1.52pm

  7. Nezlee

    These photos are truly beautiful. The man with the enormous smile has one of the most expressive faces I have ever seen. Every time I look at it I smile.

    16.January.2012 at 9.27am

    • that man had the most infectious smile i’ve ever seen.

      16.January.2012 at 3.56pm

  8. Victor

    Hi William, impressive photos. My favourite was the young monk in the photo by himself. The expression on his face was peaceful and yet seem very distant. Almost a smile and yet maybe not. It’s even more impressive as I browsed your other posts and realised you are only 21! You are talented and have travelled well and afar for your age. Cheers, Victor

    16.January.2012 at 10.31am

    • Hi Victor, thank you. The young monk was a silent kind of guy, he walked up to me and gave me a buddhist zhu coin, for good luck and fortune. I now have it pinned on my wall, but I should really put it on a necklace, as this is what they’re meant for so I’m told. I do love traveling, I could list my reasons for wanting to explore the wider world, but there would be too many. Each journey leaves me wanting to go further. Cheers, William

      16.January.2012 at 6.30pm

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  10. This is a wonderful set of these photographs… Well captured all of them… The ambience and the moments can be felt very well… Thank you dear William, with my love, nia

    17.January.2012 at 3.18pm

    • Thanks Nia, I’m pleased you like my blog, i’ll try and keep posting some good photos, keep looking!

      20.January.2012 at 4.57am

  11. Great pictures

    19.January.2012 at 4.02am

  12. Thandiwe

    These are amazing photographs! You manage to catch both the detail but also the broad view of life with such an eye to light, movement and expression. Thanks for sharing your journey through photographs!

    24.January.2012 at 3.12pm

  13. 2gadabout

    The faces are amazing. Etched.

    25.January.2012 at 12.22am

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