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Thailand Gallery – Set 1

Thailand is no doubt a busy country, even when entering from India the streets of Bangkok have a bustling life to them, The colours show a vivid tone to them against the more natural hues of India. Another culture shock hit me as the people I met changed from real, worldly travellers of India, to the party gap-yearers who thrived, or decayed, on the streets here.

Tuk Tuk drivers ran the streets, organising deals to take young tourists to bars and shops in the hope of earning a little commission. However it is really the tourist bureaus that run the place, attempting to sign the gap-yearers up to expensive and exciting ‘adventures’. I’ll admit taking a scuba diving course.

The noise was constant, the humidity was constant, and so was the stress. I wasn’t sure If Thailand was the place for me. Any journey here seemed to have been crossed a thousand times, there seemed to be no jungle left unexplored, and no tourist attraction possibility which hadn’t been exploited.

But then again, life is never dull in Thailand.

I will upload more photos in the coming days, including some shots from Koh Tao Island.

35 responses

  1. itchierfeet

    I love the photo of the bird.

    24.January.2012 at 11.45am

  2. hey man, these are stunning photographs! nice work …

    24.January.2012 at 1.22pm

    • Cheers Anake, if you have any favourites let me know!

      25.January.2012 at 10.10am

  3. Again…..awesome, awesome, photography. I SO admire how you find your shots.

    24.January.2012 at 2.59pm

    • thank you, they mostly come from just having open eyes 😉

      25.January.2012 at 10.13am

  4. Great, great photos here. Love ’em.

    24.January.2012 at 3.19pm

  5. amazing portraits. not just these bangkok shots but the others too.

    24.January.2012 at 3.24pm

    • thank you, I’m excited to post the next set of Thailand shots, they’re looking pretty nice

      25.January.2012 at 10.14am

  6. These are all excellent photographs, and extraordinary too. In the first one, you are so creative to take picture from back of the driver… it made such an amazing photograph. And also I loved these bottles too but the bookstore and the budist monk! Fascinated be. Thank you, your photography seems that would be so enjoyable and great fun to watch. With my love, nia

    24.January.2012 at 3.26pm

    • Thank you Nia, i’m glad you like my blog. Its comments like yours which keep me posting! William

      25.January.2012 at 10.15am

  7. Beautiful collection…especially like the one with the monk and the pepsi bottles 🙂

    24.January.2012 at 3.29pm

    • thanks, two unusual shots, but which work fairly effectively I think

      25.January.2012 at 10.22am

  8. In Thailand, I liked the Michelin Man, hands together in a Namaste bow, so familiar and yet so alien. Thank you for liking my post. What did you like about it?

    24.January.2012 at 4.49pm

    • I remember a cycling trip when I was much younger where I cycled to Mont Saint-Michel, you’re post reminded me of it. Happy memories

      25.January.2012 at 10.31am

  9. Thanks for visiting the Werewolf of Oz and liking it. Some great photos you have here. I was in Thailand over 20 years ago, so I guess it’s changed a lot since then, but your photos are still familiar. Enjoy.

    24.January.2012 at 4.58pm

    • I’m sure it has, Thailand now seems like a bustling new country, a world different to those it shares borders with

      25.January.2012 at 10.32am

  10. The first one almost makes me have motion sickness, I really feel like we’re traveling fast! What an amazing capture. Great job.

    24.January.2012 at 10.05pm

  11. Wow, the Tuk Tuk photo makes me carsick…in a good way.

    25.January.2012 at 1.34am

  12. Haha, didn’t even notice the comment above mine^^

    25.January.2012 at 1.35am

  13. The first shot makes me feel in motion 😀 Great capture!

    25.January.2012 at 9.33am

  14. I live in Bangkok , and you make these everyday sights look so interestingly beautiful. thumbs up !!

    25.January.2012 at 9.46am

    • thanks, especially pleasing to hear this from a local.

      25.January.2012 at 10.41am

  15. Gorgeous shots, I found your blog after you liked my post “The Evening Smoke” – always interesting to see what kind of people find and like my “weird doll” pictures.

    I love the second shot of the street during the rain. It looks like a dream, or a well-worn good memory of a life-changing vacation. What kind of post-processing did you do to it? An HD technique?

    25.January.2012 at 5.54pm

    • Hey, thank you, you’re dolls are quite special.

      I think you have hit the nail on the head when you say “a well-worn good memory of a life-changing vacation”. That’s exactly what they are to me.

      I edit my photos in Aperture on my MacBook Pro, I have created a handful of ‘preset’ adjustments which take into account black point, contrast, exposure, vibrancy, levels and curves, among many other variables. What I am to do when editing photos is to recreate the images in my memory about how the scene looked. Maybe this is why they come out like dreams, as you say.

      20.February.2012 at 12.58am

  16. Oh my goodness, these are amazing! Love the soda cartons.

    25.January.2012 at 7.38pm

  17. cdjanie

    Wonderful photos… so many it is hard to count! I especially like the Tuk-Tuk from this set. You have a great talent.

    26.January.2012 at 4.06pm

  18. Interesting post. Maybe India is just too rough for most people. I haven’t been to Thailand. It only a few days in India. It was crazy but I would love to go back. Nepal was one place that I truly loved as there were parts on our trek when it was just us and we would be the only Trekkers in a village or tea house for lunch. I like that travel experience better.

    27.January.2012 at 2.37am

  19. Fantastic blog… been looking around and you have some amazing imagery 🙂

    1.April.2012 at 3.12pm

  20. Great collection…I love the last one in the library/book shop….nicely composed

    2.April.2012 at 10.50pm

  21. wow … dude … seriously awesome photography!!! i can practically hear the rain coming down in that second shot. SCHWEEEET!!!

    20.May.2012 at 5.16pm

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