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Thailand Gallery – Set 2

On my first day in Thailand I forked out the same amount of money as I spent in two months in India, and all I got was a couple of Visas, and a Scuba Diving course. I had mixed apprehensions about the whole ordeal after my first few hours in Bangkok, most of which had been spent asleep in the back of a taxi cab, and later passed out on the bed of my seemingly luxurious hotel room after 85hrs (yes thats Eighty Five) in the lowest class of a train crossing India.

Koh Tao bounced in front of me as the ‘high-speed’ catamaran pulled into the dock. I had arrived on one of those Thai islands which are famed for their perfect white sand beaches, clear blue water, and excellently cheap diving qualifications. I had been promised a week in paradise.

While the diving was excellent, and the group course turned into private lessons seeing as nobody else had booked up, the looming full moon lay just a few days away, and travelling in a duo meant I had compromises to make. Don’t get me wrong, I do love to party, I started clubbing almost half a decade before I was of a legal age, but when the party is 10,000 morons on a beach, i’d rather be counted out.

I went nonetheless, it was everything I had expected and more (and worse). So I was glad to get back on Koh Tao and continue the Scuba course. I love the sea, I live a stones throw away from it in Brighton. So spending hours on a boat, and seeing what lies in the ocean was a dream.


16 responses

  1. These photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    26.January.2012 at 2.14am

  2. your photos are off the charts WOW. Seriously. They really capture the story and the feel and the mood of the day(s). Super jealous of your adventures!

    26.January.2012 at 2.31am

  3. Very nice photos. Thank you for sharing them here. And thank you for the like on my blog as well. I cannot wait to follow more of your photography, and adventures abroad.

    26.January.2012 at 3.19am

  4. I like the color treatment of your photos, thaland set one is very nice too. Thanks for your like, it lead me here 🙂

    26.January.2012 at 3.41am

  5. destrudowoman


    26.January.2012 at 4.12am

  6. incaunipocrit

    Reblogged this on Basil Wheel.

    26.January.2012 at 4.48am

  7. your photos keeping me sane – i’m heading to Thailand end of this year

    26.January.2012 at 8.29am

  8. I’ve always wanted to go to Thailand, these photos make me want to go even more. Thank you for posting them.

    26.January.2012 at 10.55am

  9. Breathtakingly beautiful! I love your images!! They are so compelling. Beautiful!

    26.January.2012 at 1.24pm

  10. Brilliant color!

    26.January.2012 at 1.26pm

  11. I know that 85 hours spent on a train is still too fresh in your memory but someday that will be a good memory….
    Wonderful shots, as always.

    26.January.2012 at 4.31pm

  12. fabulous photos…especially loving the first…

    27.January.2012 at 1.07am

  13. We would love to post the 2nd photo from the top at toemail if you do not mind?

    27.January.2012 at 1.35am

  14. Thank you for all the comments, and making it worthwhile posting my photos.

    28.January.2012 at 11.29pm

  15. DPC

    Beautiful photos — the images are so vivid! Thank you for sharing!

    3.February.2012 at 1.17am

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