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Knitting on the U-Bahn

Knitting on the U-Bahn

Berlin is without a doubt my favourite city which I have been to in Europe. The U-Bahn is a great way to get around, each station has its own history and individual charm. One of the things I love about living in London nowise watching people on the tube, wondering where they are going, what their lives are like. One thing I have come to notice on the tube is that people travelling on their own generally seem to feel like they become invisible to others. Nobody gets embarrassed on these quick few minute journeys where their faces will soon become lost in the crowd, and this brings out an inner self in such a public place. This is a place to relax, and why not do a spot of knitting on the way home?

P.s. I  hope everyone likes to read, currently I’m working on an account of my time in China, Its taking a while (hence no posts of late), but when It arrives it’ll hopefully bring out a few smiles and laughs.

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  1. Kevin, lived in Munich for a long while. The U-Bahn was a great place to people-watch. All over the world people are on their best and worst behavior underground. The artificial darkness and enforced intimacy of seat-sharing forces us into miniature contacts. Thanks for documenting the foreign life of everyday places.

    12.February.2012 at 3.12pm

    • I’ve heard Munich is a great place, i’ve never been but certainly will someday.

      20.February.2012 at 12.50am

  2. I love her dubious expression.. did she smile after the photo was taken? I would love to knit.. and really enjoy people watching as well.

    12.February.2012 at 7.11pm

    • no she continued to snarl at me, I smiled though, didn’t fancy getting poked in the eye with a knitting needle!

      12.February.2012 at 7.53pm

  3. I like to read — in particular, I like to read YOUR posts. It’s always a pleasure when I see a new post from you arrive in my inbox!

    12.February.2012 at 8.11pm

    • thank you, what an honour to be told this

      13.February.2012 at 1.49am

  4. I love the light in this photo….as well as the expression on her face. Priceless! I’ve a long commute each day via public transport, I usually spend it reading or listening to music, thanks for reminding me that it can also be spent interacting with others.

    I’ve missed seeing your work….good luck with the China project!

    13.February.2012 at 1.29pm

    • thanks, its nice to get some feedback, and to hear your story. I’ll get working on the China post and will hopefully have it up soonish.

      20.February.2012 at 12.49am

  5. Love it, as always!
    Hey, go tour blog 2/14 ~ we gave you a shout out!

    14.February.2012 at 4.09pm

    • thank you very much! hope things are well with you

      20.February.2012 at 12.49am

  6. elmediat

    A very natural un-posed shot. Also very courageous – those knitters can be unpredictable. 🙂

    19.February.2012 at 2.18am

    • its true, you don’t want to be poked in the eye.

      20.February.2012 at 12.50am

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