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City Fencing

Last night I was invited to take photos of the City University London Fencing Team. Some of the photos from the shoot would also be used as a feature in a new magazine for the university. I wanted to move the sports photography genre away from the norm, and create a more conceptual style, which would show the key themes of fencing, the whiteness of the dress, and the metal of the sword. Let me know what you think.

6 responses

  1. Bee

    Brilliant! Love the photos…thanks for sharing.

    29.February.2012 at 8.24pm

  2. How completely interesting!

    1.March.2012 at 8.14pm

  3. Thandiwe

    Awesome photographs! Thanks!

    1.March.2012 at 8.20pm

  4. itchierfeet

    Great images. You really get a sense of being there. Thanks for sharing.

    4.March.2012 at 9.36am

  5. thanks everyone, check out my new post

    5.March.2012 at 12.03pm

  6. everythingbehindeverythingahead

    Awesome work with the contrasts, and using the black/white that already exists in the dress to create a sense of atmosphere. Beautiful pictures!!

    18.April.2012 at 12.37am

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