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Estelle in the Woods

I love to walk, but unfortunately at the young age of 21 its hard to find anyone else who shares the same love for stretching their legs. This is a good friend of mine, Estelle, we sometimes go on walks around London, we walk all day, for hours, until our feet hurt. Not to get anywhere, just to walk, we have been completely lost, we’ve walked round in circles without knowing it. We’ve seen some pretty cool things, and we’ve learnt a little more about the city we live in.

This photo is taken in a park near Muswell Hill, London. My memory of this moment is exactly the same as how this photo looks, we were both exhausted and slightly delirious. But it was a fun day.

10 responses

  1. its hard to find someone to walk with all day at any age!

    5.March.2012 at 12.09pm

  2. Awesome work!

    And…I love walking and will sometimes walk all day, getting lost is all part of the fun!

    5.March.2012 at 12.54pm

  3. Beautiful distorted photograph!

    5.March.2012 at 1.11pm

  4. Thandiwe

    I love to walk too – and yes, just to be on my feet. Right now I’m loving trail walking and hiking, but when I’m in cities, I love just getting out and going and seeing where I end up. I’ve spent hours exploring San Francisco, Melbourne, New York, Chicago and Portland, Oregon. Thanks for this beautiful picture and the reminder of what a wonderful pleasure walking is!

    5.March.2012 at 1.28pm

    • thanks and no worries, i love to cycle too, and have a pretty big trip planned for this summer. on my bike

      5.March.2012 at 9.36pm

  5. The best way to see the world is on foot. I start each day with a walk around the outskirts of my town whatever the weather!

    5.March.2012 at 3.05pm

    • you must live in a small town! to be honest i don’t walk enough, its a great way too wake up.

      5.March.2012 at 9.35pm

  6. Your post reminds me of a beautiful experience in Jan… however I don’t get to walk a lot 🙂

    9.March.2012 at 1.18pm

  7. Great photo – looks like what hope would look like.

    3.April.2012 at 4.06pm

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