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Bang on it Burger

Another one of my apparently ever growing list of passions is to make tasty food, and these burgers were damn tasty indeed. You’ve got to unhinge your jaw to gobble down these bad boys. The gently toasted fresh buns add a nice crispness to the juiciness of the handmade steam fried patties and the asiago cheese caesar sauce. Slap some fresh tomato and a couple of leafs of iceberg lettuce on there and bang, you’ve got yourself a tidy burger.

9 responses

  1. That’s definitely a mouthful and I love the sound of the asiago cheese caesar sauce!

    9.March.2012 at 5.14pm

  2. yum!!! my tummy is growling now =D

    9.March.2012 at 5.33pm

  3. Yum! I love hamburgers and these particularly look delicious.

    9.March.2012 at 6.21pm

  4. Thandiwe

    This looks amazing! Check out another cooking blogger: This is definitely worth checking out. A dear friend of mine (and major foodie) does everything from crazy burgers to the “drunk sandwich.” Take a look and thanks for getting my mouth watering!

    10.March.2012 at 2.14am

  5. Wow William, did you actually make these?! I’m impressed…and hungry! Great shot as well!

    10.March.2012 at 2.20pm

  6. ramipon


    burgers have been a long time passion of mine 🙂

    2.April.2012 at 1.29pm

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