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Lands End and Back

My best friend Louis and I went on a drive to Lands End a While back as I mentioned in one of my first posts ‘Lands End, England’. We just decided to hop in the VW and head off. As the months move on in London, my thoughts for plans this summer are becoming ever more relevant, and taking action to make them happen is getting more exciting. Louis and I are heading off on another trip this summer. This time the VW is staying behind, and we’ll be taking up our bicycles for a cycle ride. destination Sicily. Cycling is something I’ve always been interested in, and this summer it’s time to embark on my first super-long-distance ride.

8 responses

  1. jameswakeling

    Great post and I love that anticipation of summer, such a great feeling.

    18.March.2012 at 9.49am

  2. Sicily is one of the most amazing places I have ever traveled to. If you love good food, it’s a culinary jungle and somewhere that I fell in love with! I love how these photographs could have been on almost any continent, and how it’s sort of nice to wonder where you are (until you see the sign, of course).

    18.March.2012 at 6.06pm

  3. Great shots…they make me want to go somewhere…anywhere! And cycling road trip to Sicily?!! Wow….something tells me we are going to get treated to some amazing pics along the way….at least I hope so!

    18.March.2012 at 10.00pm

  4. Awesome photos and brilliant cycling plan… 🙂

    19.March.2012 at 1.23pm

  5. Thandiwe

    Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them!

    20.March.2012 at 1.37pm

  6. Great photos. We are camper van fans too. Lovely just to be able to take off and go for an adventure.

    29.March.2012 at 9.40pm

  7. My best friend and I are happy campers as well. Beautiful sky and ocean shots!

    1.April.2012 at 10.40am

  8. The last image is just brilliant 🙂

    1.April.2012 at 3.13pm

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