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Hampi, India

My Mum called me up when I was in Southern India to tell me about this town called Hampi which I had to go to. Usually I’m too quick to disregard advice from her, but on this chance I thought I’d take it. After about 5 hours on the train I was there, tuk tuk drivers of course jumping at my feet.

Hampi was surrounded by the ruins of a once incredible civilisation, and giant boulders, which looked like giant versions of an ancient seabed. We rented out some little motorbikes and explored.

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  1. My favorite picture is the third. Nice framing you did between the rocks. Loved the effects you used! 🙂

    1.April.2012 at 10.18am

    • thanks, I normally edit my photos in Aperture and create a new set of adjustments for each shoot, however for these I used a saved list I had made for a shoot in the Himalayas.

      1.April.2012 at 10.50am

  2. Palimpus

    Amazing pictures, did you travel all day and night to can approach those images?


    1.April.2012 at 10.22am

    • I travelled for quite a while yes!!

      1.April.2012 at 10.52am

      • Palimpus

        And your next destination?

        1.April.2012 at 11.16am

  3. The first time I learned about Hampi was a few years ago when it was featured in a French magazine. The pictures of this part of India really captivated me. Most people go to Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi or Rajasthan when they go to India. But one day when I visit the country I’ll try my best to visit Hampi. Thanks for bringing the stunning photographs up!

    1.April.2012 at 10.28am

    • I went to all those places too but Hampi was far better than the cities, Rajasthan was equally good though, although I stuck around in small towns/villages, so I can’t comment on the more well known cities

      1.April.2012 at 10.54am

  4. Very nice pics!

    1.April.2012 at 12.23pm

  5. Thandiwe

    I love the photo of the woman with the goats. I haven’t made it to Hampi, but it is one of the places on my list of places that I have yet to visit in India. Of course, though I’ve spent a good bit of time there, the list of places yet to visit is still pretty long. Thanks for the fabulous photographs!

    1.April.2012 at 9.30pm

  6. itchierfeet

    Very nice pics. I really like the one of the lady herding goats through an old gate. Sounds like a really interesting place. Thanks for sharing.

    2.April.2012 at 6.12am

  7. yup…sometimes we mums know things! 😉
    this is my first time at your blog and the pictures are quite good! My fave (from this entry) is the last one. I wonder about his story and think how unaware he is of any of us wondering about it!

    2.April.2012 at 1.32pm

  8. kasmango

    These photos are beautiful, what an amazing location!

    2.April.2012 at 1.56pm

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  10. Great images – brings back a lot of memories for me. I was there 12 years ago and it hasn’t changed a bit. Nice work!

    24.April.2012 at 5.09pm

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