for the journey, not the message

Boat on the horizon

I returned to Brighton for a couple of days over my Easter break, after a heavy night out with some of my friends we awoke to a day which was surreally calm, we were all feeling a little worse for wear and the weather suited the mood perfectly. We walked along the seafront to town to get some breakfast at a pace which would make the most elderly of tortoises look like Usain Bolt. Even the sea couldn’t muster the energy to form a wave. There was no wind, yet a single yacht sat on the horizon.

7 responses

  1. This is unbelievable! Love it!

    17.April.2012 at 8.48pm

  2. Looks like the boat was the in the mood to get away from it all as well. Cheers.

    17.April.2012 at 9.28pm

  3. everythingbehindeverythingahead

    Woaahh… surreal indeed. Beautiful picture, very well done.

    18.April.2012 at 12.33am

  4. Fantastic and ominous. Love this.

    18.April.2012 at 2.00am

  5. polly

    lovely shot

    22.April.2012 at 7.45pm

  6. Love the simplicity, and the moody sky. Well seen!

    23.April.2012 at 5.34pm

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