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India Gallery


I visited India for a couple of months at the start of summer 2011, I hadn’t a clue what to expect ,but it exceeded my thoughts in every way. They say Incredible India! and it really is, may that be good or bad. I flew to Chennai (Madras) and travelled through the centre up to New Delhi and onto the the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh, then retreated down through the deserts of ¬†Punjab and Rajasthan, further south I hit the bustling city of Mumbai (Bombay) and down to the beaches and jungle of Goa, Just inland from Goa hides Hampi, a gathering of temples many thousands of years old. I then went back to Mumbai and caught the train for half a week to Darjeeling up in the mountain on the north east province of Assam, then down to Kolkata and onto the next leg of my journey.

Australian Cat

I drove up the east cost of Australia to Brisbane last year, one of my friends was living there for a while. I never really liked cats, but this one came to lay on my stomach every day as I read on the balcony, and we got on well, one day the cat scratched my arm so we fell out, until one day the cat came back and we made friends again.