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Thailand Gallery – Set 1

Thailand is no doubt a busy country, even when entering from India the streets of Bangkok have a bustling life to them, The colours show a vivid tone to them against the more natural hues of India. Another culture shock hit me as the people I met changed from real, worldly travellers of India, to the party gap-yearers who thrived, or decayed, on the streets here.

Tuk Tuk drivers ran the streets, organising deals to take young tourists to bars and shops in the hope of earning a little commission. However it is really the tourist bureaus that run the place, attempting to sign the gap-yearers up to expensive and exciting ‘adventures’. I’ll admit taking a scuba diving course.

The noise was constant, the humidity was constant, and so was the stress. I wasn’t sure If Thailand was the place for me. Any journey here seemed to have been crossed a thousand times, there seemed to be no jungle left unexplored, and no tourist attraction possibility which hadn’t been exploited.

But then again, life is never dull in Thailand.

I will upload more photos in the coming days, including some shots from Koh Tao Island.

Vietnamese Festival

In my post ‘Vietnamese Uncle during Peanut Harvest’ i said I was invited to a festival to rid the bad spirits from the village, which was just outside of Hue, Vietnam. Monks were chanting in the village for two solid days, I was lucky enough to be in the village for one of these days. The ritual was mesmerising, the whole village (many of them being members of my friends family) had come out. This is one celebration I doubt I will ever forget.

Vietnamese Uncle during Peanut Harvest

During my travels, I bought a motorbike in Ho Chi Minh City in the south of Vietnam, and drove it to Hanoi in the north. On the way I met a Vietnamese man called Dee, he invited me to a small village just outside of Hue where his Uncle was helping in the peanut harvest. The peanuts grew in the sandy earth of a nearby mountain. Later on in evening there was a festival to rid the village of bad spirits, photos will be uploaded soon.