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Bang on it Burger

Another one of my apparently ever growing list of passions is to make tasty food, and these burgers were damn tasty indeed. You’ve got to unhinge your jaw to gobble down these bad boys. The gently toasted fresh buns add a nice crispness to the juiciness of the handmade steam fried patties and the¬†asiago cheese caesar sauce. Slap some fresh tomato and a couple of leafs of iceberg lettuce on there and bang, you’ve got yourself a tidy burger.

Chinese Lady Washing Up

I stayed with a Hungarian friend for a while in Shenzhen, China. He had lived in China for six years, and had an apartment near the OCT metro station. The days were scorching hot and going outside was a sweaty trip. While walking back to the apartment I noticed this old lady doing the washing up and staring through her windows. People have said they think this photo is kind of spooky. I wonder what she is thinking.